UK Financial Market : Gold Pound Stock Gilt prices charts [Monthly]

We can predict the UK market movements and directions more accurately by watching UK major financial markets together; Gold prices in GBP, FTSE 100 Index, 10-year Long Gilt Futures, GBP/USD rates.

Spot Gold (XAU/GBP) : Sign: Au from Latin 'aurum', Code: XAU, Spot Gold. XAU refers to the ISO 4217 standard code for One troy ounce of gold. 1 troy ounce (oz t) = 31.1034768 grams. XAU (99.99 percent pure gold = 24K gold) : 24k gold means that all 24 parts in the gold are all pure gold without traces of any other metals.

UK FTSE 100 Index Futures (ICE:Z, ICEU) FTSE 100 Index (Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index), also called FTSE or Footsie. Yahoo: ^FTSE, Google: INDEXFTSE:UKX, Marketwatch: UKX. Consists of the largest 100 UK companies by full market value. A market-capitalisation weighted index of blue chip companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Represents around 70% of the total market capitalization of the companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

UK Long Gilt futures (ICEU:R) : UK Long Gilt futures Specifications : Trading Screen Product Name: Long Gilt Future. Trading Screen Hub Name: ICEU. Commodity Code: R. Unit of Trading: £100,000 nominal value notional Gilt with 4% coupon. Quotation: Per £100 nominal. Minimum Price Fluctuation: 0.01 (£10). Maturities: 8 years and 9 months to 13 years. Exchange Delivery Settlement Price: The London market price at 11:00 on the second business day prior to Settlement Day. Delivery Months: March, June, September, December, such that the nearest three delivery months are available for trading. Last Trading Day: Two business days prior to the last business day in the delivery month. On the Last Trading Day, trading in the front delivery month will cease at 11:00. Trading Hours: London 08:00 - 18:00 (pre-open 06:03). New York 03:00 - 13:00 (pre-open 01:03)

United Kingdom, British Pound sterling (GBP) rates British Pound sterling currency sign (symbol): £. The ISO 4217 code of the British Pound sterling is GBP. GBP is the official currency of the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, and Tristan da Cunha. The abbreviations "ster." and "stg." are sometimes used and the term "British pound" is sometimes used in less formal contexts, but it is not an official name of the currency. Sterling (GBP) is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market (Forex), after the United States dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), and the Japanese yen (JPY). GBP is the fourth most-held reserve currency in global reserves. Central bank is Bank of England and is located in London, UK.