[Forex] 1 USD/ZWL 1 US Dollar to Zimbabwean Dollar exchange rate Live chart

The Zimbabwe dollar exchange rates have not been offered. When the exchange rate is restored, this page will be updated. In place of the Zimbabwean dollar, currencies including the South African rand, Botswana pula, pound sterling, euro, Chinese yuan, and the United States dollar are used.

Zimbabwe currency : Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL) : Official currency of Republic of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Zimbabwean Dollar currency sign (symbol): $,Z$. International Organization for Standardization, ISO 4217 currency code: ZWL. ISO 3166-1 country code: ZW. Central bank: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. RTGS dollar (RTG, Zimdollar, zollar) was introduced as the only official currency in Zimbabwe on 21 February 2019. On 29 October 2019, the central bank announced a "new" currency to be introduced in mid November 2019.