FIMxxx Finnish Markka exchange rate Live chart (Finland currency, code: FIM, symbol: mk)

Finland currency : Finnish Markka (ISO 4217 currency code: FIM, symbol: mk) : 1 Finnish Markka (mk) = 100 pennies (p). The rate was fixed at €1 (1 Euro) = 5.94573 mk. The markka was replaced by the euro (€) on 1 January 2002. Since the euro replaced the markka, mark is called as "kamummonmarkka (grandma's mark)" or jus "mummo". Official currency of Republic of Finland (Suomen tasavalta, Republiken Finland), a Nordic country located in Northern Europe. The markka was introduced in 1860 by the Bank of Finland. Central bank is Bank of Finland (Suomen Pankki. Finlands Bank)