GYDxxx Guyanese Dollar exchange rate Live chart (Guyana currency, code: GYD, symbol: $ or G$ or GY$)

Guyana currency : Guyanese Dollar (ISO 4217 currency code: GYD, symbol: $ or G$ or GY$) : 1 Guyanese Dollar (GY$) = 100 cents. Official currency of Co-operative Republic of Guyana [ɡaɪˈɑːnə], a country on the northern mainland of South America. Guyana was formerly British Guiana. Guyanese dollar has been the unit of account in Guyana (formerly British Guiana) since 29 January 1839, originally it was intended as a transitional unit to facilitate the changeover from the Dutch guilder system of currency to the British pound sterling system. Private banknotes were introduced in the late 19th century by the British Guiana Bank and the Colonial Bank. The Colonial Bank was taken over by Barclays Bank. In 1909, the Royal Bank of Canada introduced 100 dollars notes. In 1951, local notes were replaced by BWI$ notes. In 1965, the East Caribbean dollar (EC$) replaced the BWI$. In 1966, following independence, the Guyanese dollar was introduced and replaced the East Caribbean dollar at par. Central bank is Bank of Guyana, established in 1965 in advance of the country's independence in 1966.