LSLxxx Lesotho (Basotho) Loti exchange rate Live chart (Lesotho (Basotho) currency, code: LSL, symbol: L or M (pl.)‎)

Lesotho (Basotho) currency : Lesotho (Basotho) Loti (ISO 4217 currency code: LSL, symbol: L or M (pl.)‎) : 1 Lesotho (Basotho) Loti (L) = 100 Lisente (Sente). Lesotho (Basotho) Loti is pegged to the South African rand on a 1:1 . Through the Common Monetary Area, South African rand is accepted as legal tender within Lesotho. Official currency of Kingdom of Lesotho (Muso oa Lesotho), an enclaved country within the border of South Africa. ISO 3166-1 Lesotho (Basotho)country code is LS. The loti was first issued in 1966. In 1980, Lesotho issued its first coins denominated in both loti and lisente (dated 1979) to replace the South African Rand, but the Rand remains legal tender. The currency name loti derives from the Sesotho loti meaning of mountain. The people who live in modern day Lesotho spoke a unique "South Sotho" and called themselves the Basotho. Central bank is Central Bank of Lesotho (Banka e Kholo ea Lesotho).