MMKxxx Myanmar Burmese Kyat exchange rate Live chart (Myanmar Burma currency, code: MMK, symbol: K)

Myanmar (Burma) currency : Myanmar Burmese Kyat (ISO 4217 currency code: MMK, symbol: K) : 1 Myanmar Burmese Kyat (K) = 100 pyas. Official currency of Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Pyidaunzu Thanmăda Myăma Nainngandaw), a country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar Burmese Kyat currency sign (symbol) is K. International Organization for Standardization, ISO 4217 Myanmar (Burma) currency code is MMK. ISO 3166-1 Myanmar (Burma) country code is MM. 1852-1889 (First kyat), the kyat was a denomination of both silver and gold coinages in Burma until 1889. 1943-1945 (Second Kyat), When the Japanese invaded and occupied Burma in 1942, they introduced a currency based on the rupee, and this was later replaced by banknotes in all kyat denominations. 1952- (Third kyat), The present kyat was introduced on 1 July 1952 replacing the rupee at par. Myanmar (Burma) Central bank is Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM), located in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Myanmar is the largest country in Mainland Southeast Asia and the 10th largest in Asia, and its capital city is Naypyidaw, its largest city is Yangon (Rangoon). Myanmar has changed its country name from Burma to Myanmar on 20 June 1989.