MRUxxx Mauritanian Ouguiya exchange rate Live chart (Mauritania currency, code: MRU, symbol: UM)

Mauritania currency : Mauritanian Ouguiya / أوقية موريتانية (ISO 4217 currency code: MRU, symbol: UM) : 1 Mauritanian Ouguiya (UM) = 1/5 khoums. Official currency of Islamic Republic of Mauritania (الجمهورية الإسلامية الموريتانية), a country in Northwest Africa. Mauritanian Ouguiya currency sign (symbol) is UM. International Organization for Standardization, ISO 4217 currency code is MRU. ISO 3166-1 country code is MR. Mauritania is the twenty-eighth largest country in the world, the eleventh largest sovereign state in Africa, and the largest country lying entirely below an altitude of 1,000 metres (3,300 ft). The currency name ouguiya (أوقية) is the Hassaniya Arabic pronunciation of uqiyyah أُوقِية), meaning "ounce". In 2018, the current ouguiya was introduced replacing the old ouguiya at a rate of 1 new ouguiya = 10 old ouguiya. Central bank is Central Bank of Mauritania (البنك المركزي الموريتاني), in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Printer is Giesecke & Devrient.