MURxxx Mauritian Rupee exchange rate Live chart (Mauritius / Moris currency, code: MUR, symbol: ₨)

Mauritius (Moris) currency : Mauritian Rupee / Rupi morisien (ISO 4217 currency code: MUR, symbol: ₨) : 1 Mauritian Rupee (₨) = 100 cents(¢ or MU¢). Mauritian Rupee currency sign (symbol) is ₨. The ISO 4217 code of the Mauritian Rupee is MUR. Mauritian Rupee (MUR) is the official currency of Republic of Mauritius (Repiblik Moris), Island nation in the Indian Ocean. Capital and largest city is Port Louis. Time zone : UTC+4 (MUT). Independence from the United Kingdom in 1968. Dutch Mauritius (1638–1710) > French Mauritius (1715–1810) > British Mauritius (1810–1968). In 1992, twenty-four years after independence, Mauritius was proclaimed a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. Central bank is Bank of Mauritius, in Port Louis, Mauritius.