SVCxxx El Salvadoran Colón exchange rate Live chart (El Salvador currency, code: SVC, symbol: ₡)

El Salvador currency : El Salvadoran Colón (ISO 4217 currency code: SVC, symbol: ₡) : 1 El Salvadoran Colón (₡) = 100 centavos. El Salvadoran Colón is pegged with United States dollar, at the rate of US$ 1 (USD) = 8.75 colones(₡). Official currency of Republic of El Salvador (República de El Salvador). ISO 3166-1 country code is SV. In 1892, the government of President Carlos Ezeta decided that the Salvadoran peso be called 'Colon'. In 1919, the colón replaced the peso at par. In 1931, El Salvador left the gold standard. On January 1, 2001 under the government of President Francisco Flores, the Law of Monetary Integration went into effect and allowed the free circulation of U.S. dollar in the country (dollarization), with a fixed exchange rate of 8.75 colones. The colon has not officially ceased to be legal tender. Central bank is Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador (Banco Central de La reserva federal us de El Salvador).