TNDxxx Tunisian Dinar exchange rate Live chart (Tunisia currency, code: TND, symbol: د.ت or DT)

Tunisia currency : Tunisian Dinar (ISO 4217 currency code: TND, symbol: د.ت or DT) : 1 Tunisian Dinar (DT) = 1000 milim (ملّيم). Tunisian Dinar (دينار تونسي) is official currency of Republic of Tunisia (الجمهورية التونسية), a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Tunisian Dinar currency sign (symbol) is د.ت or DT (Dinar tunisien). International Organization for Standardization, ISO 4217 Tunisia currency code is TND. ISO 3166-1 Tunisia country code is TN. The name "dinar" is derived from the Roman denarius. In 1960, the dinar was introduced replacing the franc. Tunisia central bank is Central Bank of Tunisia (البنك المركزي التونسي), in Tunis, Tunisia.