[Forex] 1 USD/KMF 1 US Dollar to Comorian Franc exchange rate Live chart

Comoros currency : Comorian Franc (ISO 4217 currency code: KMF, Symbol: CF / centime, ISO 3166-1 country code: KM) : 1 Comorian Franc (CF) = 100 centimes. With the creation of the euro in January 1999, the Comorian franc was pegged to Euro. The Comorian Franc exchange rate to euro is now 491.96775 Comorian francs to 1 euro. 1 EUR = 491.96775 CF. Official currency of Union of the Comoros (Umoja wa Komori, Union des Comores, الاتحاد القمري), an island country in the Indian Ocean. The French franc became the currency of Comoros after the islands became a French protectorate in 1886. In 1912, the Comoros became a province of Madagascar, which was also a French possession. Central bank is Banque Centrale des Comores (Banque Centrale des Comores / البنك المركزي القمري ).