SZLxxx Swazi Lilangeni exchange rate Live chart (Eswatini / weSwatini / Swaziland currency, code: SZL, symbol: L / E (pl.))

Eswatini (weSwatini / Swaziland) currency : Swazi Lilangeni (ISO 4217 currency code: SZL, symbol: L / E (pl.)) : 1 Swazi Lilangeni (L) = 100 cents. Swazi Lilangeni is pegged with South African rand at par. Official currency of Kingdom of Eswatini (Umbuso weSwatini), a landlocked country in Southern Africa. Swazi lilangeni was introduced in 1974 at par with the South African rand. ISO 3166-1 country code is SZ. Central bank is Central Bank of Eswatini (Umntsholi Wemaswati).