[Trading] RUB/BRL Russian ruble(rouble) rates

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Russian ruble or rouble (RUB) :
Russian ruble currency sign (symbol): ₽, руб / р. The ISO 4217 code of the Russian ruble is RUB. Russian ruble is the official currency of the Russian Federation. In 1993, the Soviet ruble (ISO code: SUR) was replaced with the Russian ruble (ISO code: RUR). In 1998 preceding the financial crisis, the Russian ruble was redenominated with the new ISO code "RUB", the second ruble. The ruble has been used in the Russian territories since the 14th century. All Russian ruble banknotes are currently printed at the state-owned factory Goznak in Moscow and Coins are minted in Moscow and at the Saint Petersburg Mint. In 2010, it was announced that Russia and China had decided to use their own national currencies for bilateral trade, instead of the US dollar. Central bank is Bank of Russia.